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HTML5 for Game Developers [Jul. 11th, 2013|01:20 pm]
Game Developers


[John Smith]
Currently, the markup language, HTML5 is the new favourite tool of the developers to structure and present their content for the World Wide Web. This language is gaining popularity not only among the web developers but also the game developers. One of the reasons behind its increasing popularity is the amazing user experience that it provides. Few of the famous games ported to HTML5 are Angry Birds and Bejewled.

These examples make one wonder: which feature of HTML5 is attracting these developers towards it? The answer is: Canvas Element! HTML5 has introduced a new element named Canvas element that can be used to draw anything from shapes to images. (To learn more about canvas element, click here)

But game development is not only about drawing shapes and images, it involves a lot of other things as well e.g. animations, sprites and physics etc. One way is to write your own implementations on top of the already existing canvas API to be able to use all those other things or the other way is to use the already developed frameworks. These frameworks can handle most of the needs of a game developer and there are a lot of frameworks available in the market to cater to these demands.

Read Full Blog Here: http://blogs.shephertz.com/2013/07/10/html5-for-game-developers/